We?re on a mission to make power personal


The BEST decision, The BEST investment!

Imagine not being reliant on a multinational corporation for your daily electrical needs?things like heat, AC, lighting, connectivity, and entertainment.


When your home can create and store its power, you?ll save money, have more reliable access to electricity, enjoy better options for electric vehicle charging and other tech upgrades, and support sincere sustainability.

Mission: Ensolar views sustainability like you do. Humanity doesn?t have to go to extreme measures to make a difference. We just need to be consistent and effective.


Vision: Us at Ensolar have the vision of becoming the industry-leading company towards clean and renewable energy in the state of Florida. We pride ourselves on promoting projects that are not only innovative, but also efficient for your home. Ensolar has embarked on a journey focus on contributing to improving quality of life, guiding and educating our customers towards a cleaner future. Ensolar has taken on the responsibility for preserving the environment and answering to any concerns that our clients may have, bringing value and knowledge to our clients, by helping them produce their own Pure, Clean, Energy.



  • Customer service
  • Teamwork
  • Quality at Work
  • Individual Respect and Responsibility
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El poder personal es la respuesta

Producir y almacenar su propia energía es la solución

At a time when officials are focused on the country?s over-taxed electrical grid and infrastructure, Ensolar is already delivering solutions that decentralize power, elevate communities, and provide authentic sustainability.

"Pure Clean Energy"


Ensolar views sustainability like you do. Humanity doesn’t have to go to extreme measures to make a difference. We just need to be consistent and effective.




Fundada y dirigida por líderes experimentados que siempre se centran en sus mejores intereses.




En su vecindario, en la puerta de su casa, en su techo y por teléfono, mantenemos los más altos estándares.



¿Por qué ahora?

Energy prices are skyrocketing, and solar rates are holding steady, so every day you wait you’re potentially losing money.



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