Solar panels installed on a slanted roof.

Solar math makes financial sense. We’ll walk you through it.

No matter what route you choose to take your power back, we’ll help you customize your solar adventure so you come out on top. You can take that to the bank. Here's how to evaluate your solar savings:

Are you renting dirty power?

Rent: noun. A payment or series of payments made by a lessee (you) to an owner (the power company) in return for the use of their machinery, and equipment (to generate power to keep your lights on).
Wait, what?…Yeah. Time to pull back the curtain.

Power bills shouldn't
be confusing

you’re paying the power company more than you think

Solar panel orientation

We try and not play favorites, here.

But, South-facing panels are the most bestest and win all the trophies.

Will shade ruin my solar plans?

“Ain’t no shade gonna break my stride. No shade gonna slow us down!”

— not Matthew Wilder.

We like challenges. Bring it on!

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