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It’s important to understand how solar energy works before deciding to switch to solar power.

How Does Solar Work Ensolar USA


Capture sunlight and convert it into electricity, providing a renewable and clean energy source for powering various appliances and reducing reliance on traditional energy grids.


Convert DC (direct current) electricity generated by each solar panel into AC (alternating current) electricity for immediate use or feeding back into the electrical grid.

IQ batteries

Store excess electricity generated by solar panels, allowing for efficient energy management, backup power during outages, and maximizing self-consumption of solar energy.

MyEnlighten App

Monitors and optimizes home solar systems, providing real-time data on energy production and consumption for efficient management.


Our Solar Process

When you choose Ensolar, you’re not just going solar – you’re investing in a brighter, greener, and more cost-effective future.

1. Site Survey

Ensolar team assesses your home's solar potential, inspecting the roof, sun exposure, and any obstacles. This ensures we design the best solar system for your needs, optimizing energy and savings.

2. Engineering & Design

Engineering & Design: Leveraging the data from the site survey, our experts craft a custom solar system design for your home. Our goal is to optimize energy production, aesthetics, and savings.

3. Permitting

We will submit all necessary paperwork to your local building department for review and approval, we will keep you informed during the process and let you know once everything is completed to schedule your installation.

4. Installation

Our skilled technicians meticulously install your custom solar system, ensuring optimal performance and aesthetics. We work diligently to minimize disruption to your daily life.

5. City Inspection

Post-installation, we facilitate the necessary city inspections to validate compliance with local regulations and safety standards, ensuring your solar system is ready to shine.

6. Interconnection

This is the final step! We will submit all approved documentation to your local utility for their review and approval to connect your solar system to the grid. Once everything is approved by them, we will turn on your system, so you can start saving money on your electric bill and harvesting the power of the sun!

The Sun Shines for Everyone

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How It Works

  • Contact us to get you qualified and install your rooftop or ground mount solar system with us.
  • Start harvesting the Sun’s energy
  • Lock in your rate and forget about unexpected increases and simply generate your own electricity and use it.
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  • Solar is a clean energy solution for a sustainable future  and potentially increases your property’s value.
  • Solar protects against rising electricity costs, and you get to generate your own clean energy. 
  • Take control of your finances and power your home with the Power of the Sun.
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  • Government funded solar panel program
  • No cost solar panel program
  • Solar is reliable and now more affordable than ever before
  • Utility rebates, federal tax incentives and financing options are available.
  • $0 Down! No initiation fees for you to make the switch. 

Why now?

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Calculate your savings with solar

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and takes less than 2 minutes.

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You only qualify for solar if you own your home. People living in a rental or building do not qualify for solar in the state of Florida.

By understanding what you're currently spending, we can strategically identify just how much you can save.

Knowing your current electricity provider lets us know your actual rates and accurately calculate your potential savings

Understanding your credit score helps us tailor personalized solutions and determine the best financing options available to meet your specific needs.

By providing your current address, we can conduct a precise satellite assessment of your roof's daily sunlight exposure and determine the optimal number of solar panels needed.

Finally, by providing your contact information, we can personalize your savings calculation and ensure its prompt delivery.

How Does Solar Work Ensolar USA
How Does Solar Work Ensolar USA
How Does Solar Work Ensolar USA