Is Battery Storage the Right Choice for You? A 2023 Guide by Ensolar

Grid-tied solar electric systems offer an excellent way to save money by harnessing the sun’s free energy. However, these systems usually shut down when disconnected from the grid. By integrating solar energy with battery storage, you can maintain essential functions in your home or even operate independently from the grid during power outages.

The Advantages of Battery Storage

Battery storage has gained immense popularity due to its promise of energy self-sufficiency and as a backup during power outages. As we approach the 2023 hurricane season, now is the perfect time to consider a battery system as a reliable alternative to traditional generators. This ensures that you stay connected and your essential devices remain operational throughout the season.

Homeowners are increasingly interested in lithium-ion battery backup for several reasons:

Protection During Frequent Power Outages: Whether it’s the scorching summers that strain the grid or extreme weather events, power outages are becoming more common.

Self-Sufficiency: Utilize the solar energy you generate both day and night.

Maximized Renewable Energy Use: Power your home with 100% renewable energy around the clock.

Why Choose Enphase?

Ensolar is a certified installer for Enphase, meeting their rigorous quality and customer service standards. Enphase certifies installers to ensure top-notch installations of their products across the United States and globally. Ensolar was among the first in Florida to be handpicked by Enphase to sell and install their batteries.

What is the Enphase Battery System?

Enphase is renowned for producing high-quality batteries. Their battery system and Backup Gateway work in tandem to make it one of the safest energy storage solutions available. The Backup Gateway controls the electricity flow from various sources to your home and the battery. The Enphase battery system is an all-in-one unit, combining an inverter, a battery, and temperature control. It is designed to withstand internal fire exposure, mechanical stresses, and electrical abuse, making it a safe choice for your home.

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