Roof tech

It's time to fix your roof

Solar panels installed on a slanted roof.

My roof is old. Is that okay?

Unlike Mark Wahlberg, your roof probably won’t get better with age—but we can help there, too. With your roof, that is. Mark hasn’t called us back.
Does installing solar affect my roof?

Holes are great in things like Swiss cheese, golf greens, or your favorite pair of perfectly broken-in Levis.



Not roofs, though—we make sure to seal those.



Our trained, certified, insured W2 crews are masters of their craft. You’re in good hands.

There isn't a roof type we haven't met.

Solar panel orientation

We try and not play favorites, here.

But, South-facing panels are the most bestest and win all the trophies.

Will shade ruin my solar plans?

“Ain’t no shade gonna break my stride. No shade gonna slow us down!”

We like challenges. Bring it on!


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