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Why Are You Priced So Low?
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With traditional solar sales tactics, salespeople price system builds as high as possible while still staying slightly below the customer’s monthly bill. A win-win, right? Well, not exactly. This usually leaves the customer way overpaying for solar.


This means that the customer is usually paying $3,000-$13,000 to the salesperson and another $3,000-$15,000 to the company.


At Project Solar, our main focus is to get you the best return on your investment.

By cutting out the door knockers and bloated infrastructure, we can charge less than half of the industry average while still using the best equipment in the industry.


With our highly efficient processes, we’re able to dramatically decrease your solar cost and increase your ROI.

Ensolar Customers Are Saving Thousands Each Year…

full service install
Coustomer DIY
11.5 kW
9.9 kW
After Incentive Cost: $16,276
After Incentive Cost: $10,432.76
Yearly Savings: $2,786.21
Yearly Savings: $1,647.39
Year 1 ROI: $15.8%
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full service install

10.6 kW

After Incentive Cost: $16,579
Yearly Savings: $2,098.86
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full service install
5.12 kW
Yearly Savings: $1,345.53
After Incentive Cost: $8,354.04
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