Solar panels are a clean and green alternative that may also
save you money on your power bill.

Electricity bills always seem to go up

You’re losing money every month

Solar panels is the best approach to take control of your energy costs


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Switching to solar can feel overwhelming with panels, inverters, design, engineering, financing, permitting, installation, inspection, tax incentives, etc., etc. It’s a lot.

But we’re pretty good at it, Ensolar makes it easy.

We help thousands of people make their own cheaper, cleaner power every month across the Florida State.

Full-stack solar energy provider

That means we’re set up to handle everything for our customers.

We’ll help you at every step from design and install, to the utility connection, quality control, customer service, and a 25-year warranty.

We’re staffed with industry experts.

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Ensolar is easy and affordable

Personal Power for $0 Down
Qualified customers can switch to Ensolar with no money down and no payments until after your system is installed.

Highest Quality Installation

Best Technology, Over 80% efficiency, 25 years warranty. You’ll produce your own personal power for decades to come.

Joining Forces for a Sustainable Future

Our Partnership with GivePower Foundation
The alliance between GivePower Foundation and Ensolar USA provides clean, sustainable water to those in need worldwide.

Through donating resources to GivePower's water projects, Ensolar USA leverages their solar technology expertise to help solve pressing water challenges.

We’ve made some friends


With thousands of customers throughout Florida, and our solar panels quality, making friends is bound to happen.

Brandon Miami FL

Ensolar has been a helpful solar solution. We appreciate their courtesy, knowledge, and experience. They offer the best solar panels services in Florida.

Patti in Orlando FL

Ensolar has eliminated the exorbitant Florida Power and Light bill that I would have faced had I not gone solar. We are impressed with the quality of ensolar's solar panels.

Santos in Tampa FL

We have been thinking about going solar for years and finally took the plunge. We couldn't be happier that we went with Ensolar, solar installers Tampa. They were professional, easy to work with, and had our solar panels system installed in 2 days.

Start saving with Ensolar!


Switching to solar
is easy at Ensolar

Ensolar is a solar panels company specialized in speed, and quality. An Ensolar representative will be with you every step of the way. It's never been a better time to switch to solar and make your own clean, good energy from the sun on your own roof. Call us today and we'll guide you.
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You'll never have to worry about receiving a high-energy bill again

Solar Panels

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