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Our Mission

Ensolar views sustainability like you do. Humanity doesn’t have to go to extreme measures to make a difference. We just need to be consistent and effective.

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Our Vision

Us at Ensolar have the vision of becoming the industry-leading company towards clean and renewable energy in the state of Florida. We pride ourselves on promoting projects that are not only innovative, but also efficient for your home. Ensolar has embarked on a journey focus on contributing to improving the quality of life, guiding and educating our customers towards a cleaner future. Ensolar has taken on the responsibility for preserving the environment and answering to any concerns that our clients may have, bringing value and knowledge to our clients, by helping them produce their own Pure, Clean, Energy.

Why Choose Ensolar?

At Ensolar, we have a dedicated team of experts

From our dedicated sales representatives to our skilled install crew, we function as a unified entity. We believe that relying on sub-contractors from external companies can lead to challenges, including delays, errors, and subpar customer service. By choosing us, you can rest assured that we handle every aspect of your project from start to finish.

Experience Excellence with Ensolar

Our journey in the construction industry and solar started in 2013, all of our solar installations are one of a kind, and we strive to leave the best experience possible for our customers. Moreover, we are a roofing contractor and work with the best A/C and other contractors to provide the quality of work you are looking for in case you need or want to do more than just the Solar Project. Our commitment to energy efficiency extends beyond solar alone, guaranteeing that we will be there to maintain and service your system for years to come. Don’t just take our word for it—our customer reviews speak volumes.

Your Local Solar Provider

We comprehend the annoyance that frequently comes with extended installation schedules within the solar sector. Being a Florida local contractor, we have nurtured robust connections with permit offices and counties, allowing us to accelerate the installation of your project. Unlike other solar contractors, who face waiting periods of 3-4 months, our typical time frame for completion consistently remains 30 days or less.

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You only qualify for solar if you own your home. People living in a rental or building do not qualify for solar in the state of Florida.

By understanding what you're currently spending, we can strategically identify just how much you can save.

Knowing your current electricity provider lets us know your actual rates and accurately calculate your potential savings

Understanding your credit score helps us tailor personalized solutions and determine the best financing options available to meet your specific needs.

By providing your current address, we can conduct a precise satellite assessment of your roof's daily sunlight exposure and determine the optimal number of solar panels needed.

Finally, by providing your contact information, we can personalize your savings calculation and ensure its prompt delivery.

Why Choose Ensolar Ensolar USA
Why Choose Ensolar Ensolar USA
Why Choose Ensolar Ensolar USA